June 1, 2023
Look Your Best: Current and Hottest Hair Trends

Look Your Best: Current and Hottest Hair Trends

If you love to stay on top of the latest looks, you will definitely want to know what the hottest hair trends are, especially if you have been thinking about updating your look.

The following are some of the most popular new hairstyle trends:


Balayage is one of the hottest hair trends. It is also known as hair painting. It can be done on all types of hair colors especially on blondes. Pastels are very popular. Light violets, baby blues, pale pinks, and apricots are showing up all over New York City. You can also wear this style by only coloring a few strands. Temporary hair colors wash out in one or two showers.


Platinum blonde hair has become very popular with blondes going lighter getting rid of the golden tones and opting for lighter, icy shades of blonde. This shade of blonde is very high maintenance and does not work well with all skin tones.


Baby blonde hair color is the color that people typically see on children 3 and under. They are superfine highlights that take much longer to complete than typical highlighting methods do. The hair is separated into a bunch of smaller sections. Then each section is painted in color variations. Babylights are painted instead of highlighted. This is one of the current hair trends that can take much longer than an hour to complete. However, there is a payoff. Babylighted hair looks much more natural than highlights when it is finished. Babylights currently cost about $550. It is an expensive payoff, but trying to look natural while staying on top of fashion can be pricey.

Brunette Hair with a Pop

More and more ladies are beginning to add caramel and chestnut shades to their brunette tresses. For example, the french brown look consists of three different shades of color done in a way to make it look natural.

Bronde Hair

Brown blonde is also a current hair trend known as bronde. It was made popular in 2007 and is a shade between brunette and blonde.

Red Hair

Red hair is currently very popular. The shades will range from deep reds to rose golds. With the right shade of red, pretty much anyone can become a redhead today.

Before you choose the best new hairstyle for yourself, take some time to peruse magazines, check out other looks, and talk to your hair stylist.

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