June 2, 2023
A Guide to Rolex submariner

A Guide to Rolex submariner

The Rolex submariner is a wonderful watch with an interesting history. It was introduced almost 60 years ago and the current Rolex submariner model is a combination of long history and development. If you look at the watch minutely, you can point out the similarities as well as the improvements. The wonderful ceramic model, masculine case, and solid bracelet with automatic folding clasp have given this watch rather a modern look and the overall design is still like the same what it was 60 years ago.

A Brief Introduction:

Rolex submariner comes with an oyster case with screw down crown as well as the self-winding movement that are very common to wrist watches. The idea of creating a watch that is suitable to use in water came in the mind of one of the board of directors of The Rolex. The existing Rolex submariner models at 60 years ago were already water resistant and elegant in design. Functional sports watches that are water resistant became a hot topic at that time and the idea of the Rolex submariner gave Rolex a huge popularity during that time. Since then Rolex has mastered in designing watches that are suitable to use in water or water sports activity like diving.

The Predecessors of the Rolex submariner:

Rolex submariner was not the first water resistant watch in Rolex history. Water resistant watches were still in the collection of Rolex since the mid 1930s. The early Rolex catalogs have shown us the existence of a 47mm cushion shaped oyster case watch. However, this type of giant-case diameter watches didn’t get any follow- up at that time. Nevertheless, the cushion shaped watch actually did pave the way for a partnership with Panerai, an Italian Rolex dealer that was specialized in designing diving equipments. The Panerai watch models actually gave a better idea and feedback on diver’s watches and most likely it gave useful hints for modern Rolex submariner wrist watches.

In the early 1950s Rolex made a lot of experiments in regards to the diver’s watches, until then the ‘Submariner’ name wasn’t in use. In 1953, Rolex Submariner used to come with three different models with self-winding caliber and water resistant feature. However, there was no Submariner wording in the early models. It was only 1954 when Rolex started to use the name Submariner on the dials.

The Diver’s Friend:

The Rolex submariner was a great achievement for Rolex , which grabbed the eyes of people and created awareness. At that time, there was a huge demand for watches like Rolex submariner that could take the challenges related to water sports but also being an everyday time-piece. With a giant display, featuring a matt black dial, big luminous hands and indexes – Rolex submariner received a great applause from people at that time. There was even a luminous pearl at the center of the watch. A small sign was saying the words “the diver’s friend”. Literally speaking Rolex created a wonderful watch for divers with automatic water resistance power that won the heart of people with great ease.

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