June 1, 2023
How to choose the best mobile signal amplifier?

How to choose the best mobile signal amplifier?

Individuals often suffer from interference when using mobile phones. Certain houses do not have proper reception from any mobile operator. Using a mobile signal booster is the best solution in such a situation and MyAmplifiers provides finest quality mobile signal amplifiers system. When purchasing a mobile signal amplifier one has to consider many factors. The ideal specifications for a mobile signal amplifier system highly depend on the requirements.

What is a mobile signal amplifier?

A mobile phone signal booster system consists of four parts which are the external antenna, the internal antenna, the amplifier and the connecting cables. The signal outside a premise is captured by the external antenna and it is fed to the amplifier. The amplifier of the system boosts it and feeds it to the internal antenna. The boosted signal which is fed to the internal antenna is then transmitted to the necessary area. A steady signal should always be captured by the external antenna as mobile phone signal booster systems can only boost an existing signal and cannot create signals.

What are the areas of concern when selecting a mobile signal amplifier system?

The type of the external and the internal antennas must be considered when selecting a mobile phone signal booster system. Omni directional antennas are appropriate in most situations.

The amplifier strength of has to considered as well. The optimum decibel rating of the amplifier should be selected. A lower decibel power will affect the performance of the system while a higher strength can be a waste of money.

The connecting cables also play a vital role in the performance of a mobile phone signal boosting system. The cables cause signal loss. The loss can be minimized by using the best quality and shortest possible cables. 

When selecting the mobile signal amplifier system a system with a dual band amplifier must always be selected as mobile operators use 850MHz and 1900MHz for their 2G and 3G networks.

How to set up the mobile signal amplifier system to receive optimum results?

The external antenna should be located in a place where a stable signal is received. When setting up the external antenna one should always be careful about the antenna height and the angle.

The internal antenna too should be placed carefully. One should make sure that there are no obstructions between the internal antenna and the area which requires the signals.

As mentioned before cables of the shortest possible length should be used and any extra length of the cables should not be coiled.

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