June 2, 2023
Unlisted Shares

5 Myths About Unlisted Shares (BUSTED)

Each day a new startup is making headlines in the newspaper. Few startups are reaching a new height within a month or year, drawing the attention of so many investors.

But we can’t forget every investment has a certain degree of risk involved. For example, if you are planning to tap into the unlisted shares market, and want to invest in a company that isn’t listed publicly yet, you will probably consider some brainstorming first.

Because there are lots of myths surrounding unlisted shares lists. It is hard to tell which company is reliable and lives up to all the hopes you set from them.

Still, if you search for an unlisted share that makes you feel confident over your investment decision, you have landed on the right page. 

Here we have tried to bust all the myths available around unlisted shares so you can reach a wise decision. Without further ado, let’s start –

Unlisted Shares are for High-Net-Worth Investors

The biggest lie they tell about unlisted shares is that these shares are built for big investors. But that’s not true. All you need to do is, reach out to an OTC (over-the-counter) company dealing in unlisted shares and buy the shares of the best company you discover the great potential in. And the best thing is, you can negotiate on prices as well. 

Only Known People Can Invest in Unlisted Shares

Another myth that needs to be busted is that anybody can invest in unlisted shares. Though, people known to the company often show more interest in the bidding. Still, people from far-flung states and places can invest in these shares confidently. However, direct investment can make the deal risky to investors, but unlisted shares brokers can make it easier.

Unlisted Shares are More Profitable

Unlisted shares may or may not be profitable. The share prices gradually increase and consistently fall. Unlike the share market, the price of unlisted shares is not liquid. They don’t move in a zig-zag pattern but are consistent. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that these shares are riskiest or nor profitable.

Unlisted Shares are Riskiest

No asset in the market is free of risk. Unlisted shares are risky, but fewer hassles are likely to arrive if you have given the research work a reasonable amount of time. But we can’t say anything if you are dealing with a wrong broker that isn’t trusted.  

Unlisted Shares Investment Requires Financial Skills

Unlisted shares require financial skills is not a true statement. If you are dealing through a trusted broker with a bit of negotiation on unlisted company share price, you are all set to set your foot in. Still, it is advised to consider some decent research work in identifying the company’s growth proposition and overall valuation.


No surprise, this article will make things easier. We have busted all the myths on unlisted shares that might be pushing your back from investing. You can think about becoming one of the equity shareholders of any best-unlisted company before achieving a thousand-dollar valuation.

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